Monday, September 12, 2016

Town Precedents for Bluff

After spending a few weeks researching towns that could serve as precedents for Bluff I was joined by four other to form the precedent group. In the preliminary research I did I compiled a list of over 50 towns that could potentially be considered in this process. Of those towns we each selected four that could be used for the final Bluff document. Below are the four towns I carefully selected to serve as precedents for Bluff.

Bar Harbor, Maine

  • Settled in 1763 (by Europeans)
  • Population of 5,264 in 2014
  • Close to several State and National Parks 
  • Large range of attractions (Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Nature Cruise, Shelling, Lighthouses, Whale Seal and Bird Watching, & Parks)
  • Tourism based economy

Bar Harbor vs Bluff

  • Strong tourism element to economy
  • Similar school structure
  • Students bussed/shipped in from surrounding towns
  • Dark Sky Initiative
  • Native American Historical Influence

Barrow, Alaska

  • Settled in 1825 (by Europeans 500 AD by Inuit Group)
  • Population of 4,384 in 2013
  • Host of Several Festivals (Kivgiq, Piuraagiaqta, Nalukataq, Whaling, & Qitik)
  • Unpaved roads and based on the Septic System
  • Oil operations and Tourism based economy

Barrow vs Bluff

  • Septic Tank Based Infrastructure
  • Seeking to incorporate the Dark Sky Initiative
  • Tourism economy based on Festivals
  • Historical foundation in very similar time periods

Dorset, Minnesota

  • Settled in 1898
  • Population of 22 in 2010
  • Unincorporated community
  • Booming Tourism Based Economy
  • Services supported by County

Dorset vs Bluff

  • Strong tourism element to economy
  • Tourism drawn in by uniqueness
  • Similar community make up
  • Stores and Shops run by Locals
  • Outdoor Activities (Biking Tours)

Medora, North Dakota

  • Settled in 1883
  • Population of 112 in 2010
  • Close to Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  • Incorporated despite size
  • Historic Town

Medora vs Bluff

  • Strong tourism element to economy
  • Historic Sites, Events, and Festivals
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Very Similar town structure & Community Make up (Lodging, Services, Relationship to National Parks)
  • Stores and Shops run by Locals

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