Monday, September 19, 2016

Final Town Precedent Examples

The reason we use precedents in planning is because we want to know if what we are trying or attempting to try has been done before, and if it has been successful in the process. Ultimately we want to find things similar to what we are studying in order to have a better idea of potential outcomes to the solutions we are seeking to incorporate.

As we went through this process the precedent group narrowed down our results to nine towns that could be used as precedents for Bluff. Although there are many others I would like to have included in this document only the most refined could be included. Below are the towns that were included:
(See the Matrix below for how Bluff should evaluate these precedents.)
  • Barrow, AK (which I previously discussed and posted information about)
  • Bar Harbor, ME (also previously discussed)
  • Boulder, UT
    • Population: 223
    • Economy: Tourism
    • Government Type: Incorporated (1958)
    • Location: Near Grand Staircase-Escalante National 
    • Monument
  • Deadwood, SD
    • Population: 1,270
    • Economy: Tourism
    • Government Type: Incorporated (1876)
    • Location: In the heart of Black Hills National Forest, 
    • and near Custer State Park.
  • Estes Park, CO
    • Population: 5,858
    • Economy: Tourism (Outdoor Recreation)
    • Government Type: Incorporated (1917)
    • Location: Near Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Ketchum, ID
    • Population: 2,680
    • Economy: Tourism
    • Government Type: Incorporated (1880)
    • Location: Near Sawtooth National Forest
  • Springdale, UT
    • Population: 529
    • Economy: Tourism
    • Government Type: Incorporated (1959) Mayoral
    • Location: Entrance to Zion National Park
  • Torrey, UT
    • Population: 182

    • Economy: Tourism
    • Government Type: Incorporated (1934)

    • Location: Gateway to Capitol Reef National Park
  • Wallace, ID
    • Population: 784
    • Economy: Tourism
    • Government Type: Incorporated (1800’s)
    • Location: Near Coeur d’Alene National Forest
Each of these precedents were chosen for their unique qualities and how they could be observed to help Bluff further their asperations. In addition I created this precedent matrix in order to help make our document more reader friendly and easier to interpret for the town of Bluff.


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