Monday, August 22, 2016

Inclusionary Planning: A New Concept

(CMP 4280 Ecology Planning Workshop Class 1)

Today we had our first CMP 4280 (Ecology Planning Workshop) class and went over a few of the previous year workshop's documents. After going over those documents I started to brainstorm some of the other things that should be included in helping Bluff become a town.

One concept that occurred to me was the idea of inclusionary planning. What is inclusionary planning? In working with Bluff, Utah we need to include all it's residents (human, animal, insect, and plant), environments, cultures, characteristics, infrastructure, landscapes, needs, wants, past, present, future, etc. This is inclusionary planning. In other words inclusionary planning is seeking to incorporate everything and everyone into the planning process.

After sitting through the third class period our discussion turned to our potential to effect change in the places of influence we have. One specific thing that happened during the class was a brief discussion on who the "developer" truly is. Professor Goldsmith said something along the lines of, the developer is you and I, it is the public, city, and stakeholders, its everyone potentially involved. This is another way to better understand inclusionary planning. The development or plan includes all potential parties.

This way of planning, if not already the current track for planning, should be the future and only way to plan.

Inclusive: including or covering all the services, facilities, or items normally expected or required.
All-inclusive: including everything or everyone.

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