Thursday, April 2, 2015

Conversation with Vicki Bennett

Vicki Bennett
Wednesday night came and I got home a little later than normal. I got ready for bed quickly and laid down. The next morning around 9:00 I woke up, class starts in 10 minutes and I live in Orem. At this point there is no chance I am making it to class on time. Note to self always set 2 alarms to make sure at least one goes off.

Today's post is supposed to be about our Conversation with Vicki Bennett, "SLC's director of the Office of Sustainability (and former Environmental Programs manager) has been integral in setting environmental policy to help create a more livable community. She and her team have been integrating environmental management, air quality, transportation issues, carbon management, recycling, and green waste diversion into our laws and lifestyle."

So as you can see above I Googled a little information on her and found a good amount, all about sustainability. Some of the more interesting things I found were the following links: - A Green Salt Lake City? - Salt Lake Cities Sustainability Plan - Interview with Vicky Bennett - A post about her appointment to direct the Office of Sustainability and the Environment - SLC Sustainability Plan

In the interview she said "how we frame environmental issues in absolutely key to influencing behavior. Without using an approach tailored to that unique individual, our odds of persuading for the planet drop dramatically."

It is all about our message, and how it comes across to our audiences. There has never been a time for more adroit talented planners then now. It is our duty to carry on this work and bring everyone with us.


Sustainability News

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I just wanted to take a moment to send a personal message out to all those in the fields of Landscape Architecture, Gardening, Horticulture, and Urban Planning/Urban Ecology. I created Landscape Connections for the purpose to share my love and passion for Landscape Architecture and Design, and Urban Ecology. I was a Landscape Architecture Major at Utah State University and currently study Urban Ecology at the University of Utah. I am working to compile as much information in the four previously mentioned fields as possible. If you have any further information, or would like to either add information or see information posted to landscape connections please let me know.