Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Image of a Green Organic City

Green Organic City
We were asked to imagine what it would feel like to be part of a green organic city. Before I describe that, I wanted to get into what it would look like to help you better feel it also.

Picture the last city you were in or the city you currently are, now add a mixture of larger windows and solar panels on the sides of the buildings where the sun hits most. Then, add edible plants and vegetation of all kinds on all their roofs, and outcropping surfaces. These changes would better heat, cool, and power those buildings.

Recycling Center
Next, remove most of the cars and add protected bike commuter lanes. Then add public transportation and run that, as well as stop lights and street lights, on solar power. In between bike and car lanes, and walking paths place sections of edible vegetation. Build or remodel current buildings to be recycle centers, and have them located in every district with recycling bins on several street corners. The recycling centers in every district will also have attached community centers with recreational facilities. These centers will have classes on the reuse of products, bike maintenance, gardening, healthy eating, exercise, finance, and other social, economic, and environmental life skills.

Community Garden
Each neighborhood district will also contain a centralized community garden or energy garden. These gardens will be evaluated and planted with crops or energy sources that best fit its environment. The community cultivates and maintains the gardens and the crop, the crop being energy or food, and is shared with the city as a whole. Revenue generated by the crop will be spent on upkeep of gardens, community centers, recycling centers, and district redevelopment.

With this image of a green organic city now I am able to move onto what it would feel like to be part of it, and allow you to feel and help develop it as well. The first feelings that come to mind after describing this green organic city are: fulfilled, clean, peaceful, healthy, fun, enriching, included, safe, and empowered.

Building Community
This type of city would not only be self sustaining as a whole, every district or community would be a crucial part to a greater economy, healthier environment, and social equality. We would all work together in our communities to make them better, and make other communities within our cities better. We would be united and feel a part of something.

I know that this idea might sound like communism or socialism, or whatever words others would put to it, but what it really is meant to do is bringing responsibility and choice to everyone the opposite of potential critiques. Making us finally accountable for what happens in our neighborhoods, it is making us see and be able to control our own futures.

What is your image of a green organic city?

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